Importance of Lifelong Learning

Clif Smart, aptly-named President of Missouri State University, told recent graduates that whether they continue their formal education or not, none of them should be finished learning–

I believe you can’t live a fulfilled life without continuing to grow and learn. So I shared with them some of the things I had learned since I completed my formal education 30 years ago. Some items were to be amusing; all were based on my experiences.

Here we go…

• Stop by Andy’s frozen custard when you come back to Springfield. The strawberry concrete is worth the calories.

• Never buy a timeshare. You will have a difficult time selling it, and it will likely cost you several thousand dollars to unload it. I witnessed that from watching my parents try to sell a timeshare in Las Vegas. Painful.

• Work hard. There really is no free ride, and those who don’t work hard eventually pay for that lifestyle.

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