Ringling plans lifelong learning hub

Merger of three programs — so far — will transform the Ringling College Museum Campus

When Sarasota High School’s historic layer cake of a building completes its transformation into the Ringling College Museum Campus — expected to happen by the fall of 2019 — the community will have a visible, accessible portal to a critical mass of adult learning opportunities that have been hiding in plain sight for years.

While continuing education programs in other parts of the country are often run by the region’s leading university or college, Southwest Florida’s many offerings have sprung up organically over time. This area’s cluster of smaller colleges, along with a dynamic and highly educated retiree population, have given rise to so many lifelong learning classes that prospective students often don’t know where to begin.


New Community School Standards

The Coalition for Community Schools at the Institute for Educational Leadership is happy to announce the launching of our Community School Standards! The Standards are designed to engage and support the community schools movement as a standards-driven, evidence-based strategy to promote equity and educational excellence for each and every child.

Wondering why community schools standards are needed?

-To help new community schools more effectively develop and implement their plans;

-To assist existing community schools to strengthen the quality of their practice and document outcomes; and

-To provide a consistent language and framework for advocacy, technical assistance, research, funding and policy efforts.

Access the Standards Framework today! You can also use the Standards Assessment to see how well your community school is doing. The Assessment will help you identify areas that need improvement.

Scholarship for 2017 Summer Institute in San Antonio

March 2017–The Texas Community Education Foundation is offering to pay the registration fee of $395 for a limited number of individuals to attend the National School Public Relations Assoc. Conference, which will include a day-long workshop on Community Engagement.

See Session Schedule and Details here: http://houseal.net/TCEA2017/wp-content/uploads/2017/03/Schedule2017.docx

More information on conference details at www.nspra.org

Applicant must be currently active in Community Education or Lifelong Learning in Texas. Scholarship is for conference registration fee only. TCEF reserves the right to award as many or few scholarships as it decides. Go here to download the application (doc).

Description of session from Bob Wittman, MN:

Registration Is Now Open

Registrations are now open at www.nspra.org. To register, go to the NSPRA.org website, link to Seminar, registration and then register for the Summer Institute for Community Ed and Engagement. The cost again this year is $395 for the three day experience.

Hotel Information Is Also Available

Information regarding our host hotel is also available, and if this year is like other recent years, rooms will go quickly. Even if you are still just thinking about going, I would try to secure a room as soon as possible.

The 2017 Theme: Be The Connection

Connecting your community for improved livability is at the core of your daily work. But how much effort do you dedicate to that mission?  Be The Connection is the focus of the 2017 Summer Institute for Community Education and Engagement. Join colleagues from across the nation that are pledging themselves to become community super-connectors. Being a super connector is about having a sincere desire to impact your community through connecting people and resources, sometimes with no direct benefit for yourself or your organization. The long-term payoff is that by being the connection, you influence real change in your community. Summer Institute facilitators will blend leadership discussion, best practices review, and practical tactical tips for you to Be The Connection in your community.

Our Comprehensive Program Is Attached

Attached is our 2017 Summer Institute for Community Education and Engagement Program for your review. We will continue to share more as additional information and further details become available.

Please Help Spread the Word

We are hoping you will help us spread the word and the distribute this information about his year’s Summer Institute to colleagues from your state and work networks. Thanks in advance for sharing this information and anything you can do to encourage others to join us.

Questions, Comments or Concerns?

We are so excited to share this information with you. Please let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

Let Us Know If You Are Planning On Attending 

Once you register, let us know for we’ll be creating a group email of our participants in advance of the July Institute.

Looking forward to seeing everyone in San Antonio!

Bob Wittman
Director of Community Education
Wayzata Public Schools



Lifelong learning is key to economic growth

Written by Judith Doyle

Workforce development along with wider adult training have always been critical to a region’s economic prosperity and wellbeing.

Recent years have seen an overall reduction in government spending on adult education in general; despite the subsequent changes to our funding, however, Gateshead College has continued to work with partners to maintain a good level of investment in adult education and training.

I was therefore hugely encouraged to see recently, a renewed commitment to and acknowledgment, by our government, of the value of lifelong learning.


Lifelong learning benefits everyone

It is said that the biggest room in the world is the room for improvement. We can all be a better student, worker, employer, child, spouse, parent or teacher, and lead more fulfilling lives.

Education imparts the conceptual frameworks for solving different problems and creating new ideas or products, while training provides the knowledge for tackling specific situations.

With information and communication technology, the world is now our biggest classroom (“E-learning can help Singaporeans learn more for less”; Feb 23).

We must relearn the same subject with a broader scope, at a deeper level and in context for it to be helpful and meaningful.


Lifelong learning is no longer optional

Years ago, a college degree virtually guaranteed the holder a good job and a good income. Times have changed. As the velocity of business and technology change continues to accelerate, the value of a college degree has shifted. Today, a college degree only helps new graduates enter the workforce; it is no longer sufficient for long-term career success. Soon, individuals will need to embrace lifelong learning to remain relevant in virtually every field.


Minutes March 10, 2017

Texas Community Education Foundation
March 10, 2017
Jim’s, San Antonio TX
Present: Mauri Williams, Phil Houseal, Loretta Huddleston, Helen Kimsey

Treasurer’s Report
Total Balance $36,207.86
CD1 10,983.87
CD2 10,276.92
Money Mkt $14,947.07

Marketing Report
Phil upgraded the web site to be mobile-friendly. This will ensure it shows up in searches on browsers as well as be readable on smartphones.

Conference Report
Helen spoke with Bridgett Gothberg and Bob Wittman about offering to help with funding for the national conference to be held in conjunction with NSPRA this July 17 at the Hyatt Downtown in San Antonio

Moved (Mauri) and seconded (Loretta) to offer up to the following amount in support:

5-10 scholarships @ $395 = $3950

Pay hotel expenses for Sally Andrews to present = $500
Stipend for national speaker = $1000
Luncheon = $795
Motion passed

Board will request that TCEF receive acknowledgment and branding for its support.
Phil Houseal will attend to assist Sally and represent TCEF.
Phil will prepare a one-page application for scholarships to the event.
He will distribute to projects on his last known email database. Application Deadline May 15.

Mott Foundation
Helen reported that the Mott Foundation is holding a meeting April 4 to look at reviving its National Advisory Board. According to Bridgette, they have two slots available for Texas representatives to attend, expenses paid.

Phil will contact Becky Gossen to see if she has interest, given her previous involvement with both state and national organizations. Also Sally Andrews.

Next Meeting
Friday, May 19, 2017, to go over scholarship applications

Learning Makes You Healthier, Richer, and More Popular

If you’re looking for reasons to make time in your busy schedule to keep learning, there’s no shortage of possibilities. First and foremost, perhaps, is that you’ll be in great company. Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and Oprah Winfrey all set aside dedicated time to learn new things each week. Look how far the practice has taken them.