Pathway to success

Returning to the workforce, a hardened editor discovered her 20-something underlings were taking the magazine in new directions she didn’t understand. Feeling left out, she decided to knuckle downand learn the new lingo and technology to keep her ahead of her workforce.

Lifelong learning works again…

My grandchildren will not drive

“I believe my grandchildren will not drive.”

That’s what Brian Krzanich, the C.E.O. of Intel, said to NY Times columnist Thomas Friedman.

If you think machines are smart today … wait a year. It’s this move from 14-nm to 10-nm chips that will help enable automakers to shrink the brain of a self-driving car — a brain that has to take in sensor data from 360 degrees and instantly process whether it’s a dog, a human, a biker or another car — from something that fills a whole trunk to a small box under the front seat, so these cars can scale.

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Pay attention to lifelong learning

Calvin Yang

Say goodbye to graduation, and hello to lifelong learning. At polytechnic graduation ceremonies over the past week, the term “lifelong learning” was mentioned in many speeches. One of the beloved buzzwords when talking about Singapore’s future, it involves picking up new skills and adapting to a fast-changing world.

Make Lifelong Learning a daily habit

Many of us still operate under the idea that, once we leave school with our diplomas in hand, there’s no need to continue mastering different areas of knowledge. However, the reality is that we no longer live in a world where learning can stay fixed for anyone in any trade. Adaptation is a currency worth its weight in gold in today’s business world, where new innovations are continuously changing the game.

It’ll not only allow you to survive in this changing entrepreneurial landscape but to thrive in it. Being a constant learner means staying sharp, relevant in your field, and ahead of the curve. And forming these habits doesn’t have to be difficult or terribly time consuming either.

Without further ado, here are 3 smart ways to make lifelong learning a daily habit:

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