Lifelong learning: Maintaining a sense of individuality

Dr. Suess said, “You have to be odd, to be No. 1.”

Remember Candid Camera?

One episode went like this:

Three members of the “Candid Camera” staff would enter an elevator after an unsuspecting “victim” had already entered.

The staff members did not speak when entering but instead, they all just turned to face the rear of the elevator. The poor person facing the front immediately noticed that these people were all facing the “wrong” way.

Instead of continuing to face the front where the elevator doors would open, or speaking up and ask what they were doing, he/she would “join the crowd” and “go with the flow” and turn to the rear. It’s a very funny clip, but it shows something very real. It shows conformity in a funny situation.

Lifelong learning key to Smart Nation

What does it take for emerging nations to thrive?

Lifelong learning.

The World Economic Forum estimates that 5.1 million jobs across 14 major economies will be displaced by 2020.

While technologies such as robots and artificial intelligence can enable improved productivity through automation, human capabilities such as empathy, connectivity and creativity will be needed to make sense of data and information to extract insights and develop solutions and drive innovation.

Yet, for businesses to be smart and drive a competitive edge requires more than technical know-how and new technologies. Technologies must be augmented by behavioural insights and the understanding of patterns that drive consumer or societal behaviour.

Your Career Depends On Lifelong Learning

“We learn best when we need it.”

What a concept! A Forbes article goes on to talk about the new model of learning:

“We’re witnessing the emergence of a new learning ecosystem that offers individuals at any stage of life more accessible, less expensive pathways to skills acquisition and higher wages. Rather than a higher education system that requires prospective students enroll in full-time programs to earn a degree, workers are demanding “plug and play” platforms that enable access to smaller bites of just-in-time education throughout their careers. Much like we might jump on YouTube to learn how to cook a new recipe for dinner, we learn best in the moment when we need it.”

Once again, Community Education was cool before anyone realized it was cool.

Boys to men: What is the way?

Boys playing with games consoles

Again our friend Thomas Hardy cites Lifelong Learning as one of the 10 steps that changes boys into men. The entire article is worth reading (, but here is #9.

9. Fall In Love With Learning

Ordinary people seek entertainment. Extraordinary people seek education and learning. We now live in a world where you no longer need to go to college (or high school) to become educated. At your fingertips is an unlimited and ever-increasingly well of information. You can become an expert at anything.

Many of the world’s most successful people attribute their success to a love for learning. They often read one or more books per week. With a few books, you can learn how to build wealth, healthy relationships, and the life of your dreams.

With more information and education, you will make better lifestyle choices. You’ll be less likely to have destructive addictions and make ignorant decisions.

You’ll be more likely to surround yourself with brilliant people, learn new languages and explore the world, come up with solutions to the world’s problems, and have passion and zest for life.

Stop gaming and start reading. The real world awaits. And it’s amazing.

How to be a leader

You are a leader in many aspects of life: teacher, worker, manager, CEO, or parent. Every day you have the opportunity to be a leader in your community in many different ways.

If you have a desire to be a positive leader in any aspect of your life, we encourage you to register for an amazing seminar on leadership, presented by Dr. Mike Lucas, superintendent of York Public Schools. This is a two-part seminar with the sessions on Wednesday, Nov. 1 and Wednesday, Nov. 8, at Holthus Convention Center.

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Lifelong Kindergarten: How to learn like a kid

Mitchel Resnick is one of the most humane, accomplished and prolific creators of educational technology in the world, one of the co-creators of Logo and Lego Mindstorms, and founder the MIT Media Lab’s Lifelong Kindergarten group, where the open source, kid-friendly, open-ended Scratch software development tool was born; in a new book (also called “Lifelong Kindergarten: Cultivating Creativity through Projects, Passion, Peers, and Play”) Resnick analyzes the extraordinary successes that have emerged from his kid-centered view of learning with technology, sketching out a future in which kids program their classroom computers, not the other way around.

Libraries promote Lifelong Learning

Lifelong learning is defined as learning that is pursued throughout our lives that can include formal and informal opportunities. It might be done to foster improvement of knowledge and skills and for reasons that relate to both personal interest and employment needs. The Greater Sudbury Public Library has many lifelong learning opportunities available for people of all ages and interests. Sometimes, it comes in the form of a book, but these days there are also many ways to get inspired and foster continuous self-development online.

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Focus on Learning rather than being Entertained

Entertainment and distraction is the enemy of creation and learning. They will keep you in mediocrity.”

That is according to Anthony Moore, a blogger who helps people find success. Moore believes that your income, relationships, and success are determined by your learning.

He’s singing our song!

The quality of your learning and how much you invest in yourself directly determines the extent of your growth.

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Best way to help business thrive

We here all know lifelong learning is the method needed for individuals to keep building their career success, and for businesses to ensure they have highly trained employees. But how best to implement lifelong learning?

The answer? Apprenticeship Programs.

According to Anwar Ebrahim writing on, Apprenticeship programs can help considerably in reorganizing and enriching existing workforce development programs to make training more efficient and effective. Irrespective of the sector the business is in, there are multiple benefits that apprentices can bring to a business.

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