A class on how to wield political clout

Or, for perhaps one of the first times in recent memory, you could take a seven-week class on how to wield your own personal political power, influence Congress and the California Assembly.

“In today’s climate, more people are interested in how to influence public policy than probably I’ve seen in my entire lifetime,” said instructor Joel Blackwell of Corte Madera. “My passion is helping people to make a difference.”

Registration opens this week for community education offerings such as Blackwell’s course, which runs 6:10 to 7:30 p.m. Thursdays starting Feb. 8 at the Kentfield campus ($116). It is designed to give students a guide on how to communicate with politicians on a human-to-human basis using handwritten letters, personal emails or one-on-one meetings. No Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, no general emails and no simple “vote yes, vote no” notices. Or angry diatribes.