How Lifelong Learning Can Propel Your Career

Many people believe once they’ve earned all the degrees needed for their dream job, their learning days are over. This is a dangerous way to manage a career, because technologies and business models emerge and force change so rapidly.

The pace of change is accelerating, and to succeed in any industry, and to be ready to participate in the next evolution of it, professionals must adopt habits and practices that empower lifelong learning.

One challenge to lifelong learning is that many people assume they are not capable of it or not good at it. We tell ourselves, I’m not a math person. I don’t get code. Writing is not my strong suit. Remarks like this may mask a feeling that learning itself is beyond our grasp.

Nothing could be further from the truth. We can take control of our own learning with the right mindset — particularly what is called the “growth mindset,” which has had a big influence in K-12 education in recent years and should now be embraced in the business world.