Old Dogs, Still Learning

Lifelong learning is not just good for people, it is also good for dogs. Dogs are capable of learning even in old age, and constant brain training and mental problem-solving create positive emotions and slow the natural pace of mental deterioration. Unlike puppies or young dogs, however, old dogs are almost never trained or challenged mentally. Senior dogs are usually perfectly integrated into our lives and we often forgive them any disobedience or stubbornness. In addition, due to their increasing physical limitations, we usually spare old dogs the sort of training we might expect from young animals.


The World Never Stops Changing

Andrew Nelson, DCE, Director of Family Life at Chapel of the Cross Lutheran Church in St. Peters, Missouri, and currently enrolled in the Masters of Theology program at Concordia University Irvine, joins Andy and Sarah to talk about why continuing education is important for him, how his studies have helped him in his role, and how he stays motivated in this journey.


Lifelong Learning lottery?

MOBILE, AL-Friday, a candidate for governor came to Mobile saying she wants to see a lottery if elected.

Democrat Sue Bell Cobb is former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court.

She said she’d like to start what she calls a “Lifelong Learning Lottery” dedicated to education.

Cobb said, “It will fully fund K-4, so all four year olds in Alabama will have access to quality Pre-K programs, it will help with child care. The second prong, it will fully fund career tech or vocational training for every student in Alabama.  Third prong is there will be scholarships so that folks can go to two year tech schools or four year if they qualify for Pell grants.”

Cobb believes if we can boost education in Alabama, that will attract new industry, increase the tax base, and that will help ease the state’s financial problems.


Still ‘long way to go’ for culture of lifelong learning

Singapore is no more than one-third of the way into its SkillsFuture journey, and there is a long way more to go in developing a culture of continuous training and learning, Deputy Prime Minister Tharman Shanmugaratnam said.

He said employers have been slow to embrace training, adding that more engagement is needed to help companies see the benefits of investing in their employees.

To speed things up, SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG) will focus its efforts on bringing on board small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which are facing challenges adapting to the changes wrought by globalisation and technological advances.