Lifelong Learning lottery?

MOBILE, AL-Friday, a candidate for governor came to Mobile saying she wants to see a lottery if elected.

Democrat Sue Bell Cobb is former Chief Justice of the Alabama Supreme Court.

She said she’d like to start what she calls a “Lifelong Learning Lottery” dedicated to education.

Cobb said, “It will fully fund K-4, so all four year olds in Alabama will have access to quality Pre-K programs, it will help with child care. The second prong, it will fully fund career tech or vocational training for every student in Alabama.  Third prong is there will be scholarships so that folks can go to two year tech schools or four year if they qualify for Pell grants.”

Cobb believes if we can boost education in Alabama, that will attract new industry, increase the tax base, and that will help ease the state’s financial problems.