Company culture emphasizes lifelong learning

Always learn.

That’s a key aspect of the culture at Sarasota-based S-One Holdings Corp. Employees now have access to over 3,000 courses through the online platform Udemy. The company pays for licenses for employees as a way to encourage constant learning. S-One also hosts in-person classes at its Sarasota office.

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The importance of lifelong learning

“Once you stop learning, you start dying.”

That saying is attributed to Albert Einstein, and still holds true today.

For eons, people have been reading to learn, attending lectures and presentations, going to museums, art shows, musical presentations, so on and so on. With the advent of online learning, there is now no reason to stop learning new things throughout life.

Dr. Tod Kline, superintendent of the Waynesboro Area School District, gives his reasons on the importance of lifelong learning in this day and age. Published in The Record Herald.

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LeBron James school uses community education

I Promise is going above and beyond to address the non-academic issues that affect classroom performance

NBA superstar LeBron James is supporting a new school in Akron, Ohio. I Promise will offer longer hours (to match work hours and offer more resources), have high standards, emphasize STEM, and focus on career options. One notable goal is to bring in the community and family, forging those connections so common to those in the field of Community Education. From the article:

One of I Promise’s key tenets is building connections to its students and its community. Creating a comfortable home life is one of the school’s core beliefs, and it stretches beyond just the student. Parents can use the institution’s job and family services, study through its GED program, or design meals at the on-site food bank to cook at home. There are also counselors on staff to help children deal with the trauma that may arise in their daily life.

“I think the missing link in public education is that family wraparound support,” said Brandi Davis, the school’s principal. “Because our students come to school and they’re worried about things at home. … We want to create that safe, that secure and that caring and loving environment for our families and our students so that our kids can focus on education.”

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Google looks at lifelong learning

Despite technology offering more learning options than ever before, we haven’t yet figured out a way that this can truly benefit everyone. Google is looking at an initiative to bring lifelong learning digitally to those who need it most. They offer 3 steps:

1. Make online learning more accessible

2. Make it clear

3. Start learning with completion in mind.

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