#LearnDay wants your lifelong learning ideas

P.E.I.’s Learning Partners Advisory Council will host the Island’s first #LearnDay next month, and is looking for Islanders to present their ideas.

“We are looking for your insights into and aspirations for learning in all settings, from early childhood to the senior years,” said Learning Partners Advisory Council co-chair Bill Whelan in a news release.

There will be series of short talks on new learning opportunities already available, and all the presentations will be livestreamed, but organizers hope it will not just be a day for listening.

“We are bringing people together to share their ideas, build connections and build capacity for long-term learning collaborations across the province,” said council member Bonnie Stewart.

#LearnDay will be Sept. 30 at Holland College’s Centre for Community Engagement in Charlottetown. You can register for the event at the #LearnDay web site.

[Editor’s Note: This is an interesting idea, but Yahoo News doesn’t give the geographical location or any web links or ways to share your idea. Still posted because it’s a cool idea.]

In sport, it’s about lifelong learning

“If you ever watch youngsters with a ball they don’t set up drills for themselves, they set up goalposts and select teams with little delay so that they can get into the competition, the game.”

This writer for the Irish Examiner believes different sports can learn from each other.

“I have always thought sports can learn a lot from each other and often wondered why they don’t learn more. During my youth I played a lot of sport, mostly Gaelic football, soccer, and basketball.

Throughout my entire football career I was grateful for the skills and understanding basketball and soccer brought to my football game.”

How to Prepare the Next Generation for the Uncertain Things to Come

by Erik P.M. Vermeulen

We need a whole new approach to education.

Teaching has always tended to be “backward-looking.” But, this model seems ill-suited in a world of constant change. If the future is radically different from the present, it doesn’t make much sense to focus on content that seems likely to be irrelevant. Those steps:

#1 — Creative Thinking

#2 — Entrepreneurship

#3 — Teamwork

#4 — Ethics

#5 — Interdisciplinary learning

Read more here:

Women more open to lifelong learning?

Girls outperform boys at school in almost every subject, and more women than men now go to university.

Women also go on learning at a higher rate than men throughout their working lives and beyond.

Why is this so? There are 3 reasons:

First, women are more likely to be employed in the public sector, which tends to offer more in the way of access to training.  Secondly, women are readier to acknowledge that there are areas where they still need to learn, so their motivation is stronger. Thirdly, there is more pressure on women to demonstrate that they have the skills.

Three Reasons to Commit to Lifelong Learning

It’s no secret that earning a certification is challenging and time-consuming, and I am often asked by colleagues about what motivated me and why I think this kind of lifelong learning is worth my time. Three reasons come to mind. Read them here…

Apprenticeships: Good idea or fool’s gold?

Waterloo Courier Opinion

We’ve agreed apprenticeships — along with community college training programs — can help fill the gap between thousands of good available jobs and workers with the skills to fill them. But caveats exist.

Recent studies indicate apprenticeships alone won’t solve a multifaceted problem ranging from the need for better general education and lifelong learning to extricating young males from video games.

Imagine Lifelong Learning Land

By Carl Francis Penders

Stories change. People’s stories. Cities’ stories. “I’m from Buffalo … So I picked Buffalo,” said Dennis Galucki, a man set on imagining a new Buffalo story, intending to “infuse” Buffalo with the lifelong learning culture he has discovered at the Chautauqua Institution. Galucki calls it the Buffalo-Chautauqua Idea.

Circus camp teaches perseverance

This summer, kids spent a week learning juggling, plate spinning, tight-wire walking, stilt walking, acrobatics, clowning and more, all of which they performed for a group of family and friends.

But the real purpose went beyond putting on a show. It was all about lifelong learning…