Bike through wine country

Biking and wine. What a combination!

The Elkton Community Education Center will host a family friendly bike ride through Elkton wine country, featuring wine tastings, a yoga class and an outdoor concert.

The event is raising money for the ECEC educational programs, including the youth employment program that gives 15 high school students job experience opportunities.

Age-Friendly University

Edinboro University has become Pennsylvania’s first member of the Age-Friendly University (AFU) Global Network, an international group of higher-education institutions committed to providing learning opportunities to students of all ages.

The pioneering initiative focuses on 10 principles, which provide a framework for understanding the needs of older adults and evaluating age-friendly programs and policies, as well as identifying institutional gaps and opportunities for growth.

Upskilling in Ireland

“These results show that engaging in lifelong learning is key – for workers of all ages. The further education and training system has a suite of options [that] can facilitate the reskilling and upskilling of older workers. This can allow people to remain in the workplace for as long as they want to, creating an age-friendly workplace environment.

In Ireland, the number of people aged 50 years or over has increased by 330,000 since 2008. This highlights the importance of providing these individuals, which it describes as ‘older workers’, with opportunities to upskill.

Upskilling and lifelong learning will benefit older workers in Ireland

English over the web

A Texas woman is teaching English as a second language to Chinese school children via the internet, making real connections around the globe.

This is another refutation of the predicted demise of lifelong learning in the internet age. Quite the opposite. Read more…–Teacher-gives-English-lessons-to-Chinese-children-over-the-web-512138541.html

NM Museum unveils “Bisti Beast”

The New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science is offering a sneak peek of the Bisti Beast, an astonishing discovery in the Grand Canyon that scientists believe is the first occurrence of an animal with both amphibian and reptile characteristics.

The museum preserves the scientific heritage of New Mexico through extraordinary collections, research exhibits, and programs designed to ignite a passion for lifelong learning.