Makerspaces–Where Creators find Camaraderie

(Editor’s Note: In this age of falling government funding for community education programs, it is edifying to find places where lifelong learning meets entrepreneurism. Programs that use the principles of community education–fee based, user supported, managed as a business–are truly the future of lifelong learning. Because a program that is self-supporting is in no danger of being discontinued due to the whims of funding organizations)

by Esteban Bustillos, Enterprise Reporting Intern

Dallas Morning News

The main work space hums with people working on everything from metalworking to tinkering with robots. It may look quiet on the outside, but the work inside never really stops.

The people of the Dallas Makerspace don’t want anyone to be confused; it’s not a replacement for college. But it is a space where creativity and education flourish in one form or another.

“School doesn’t stop. Or, I should say, your education doesn’t stop, even if your schooling stops,” said Olson, the former board member. “Like, if you’re 70 years old and you want to learn about microcontrollers or something, 10 years ago, 20 years ago, you would have had to go back to college for that. And now it’s like there are people who want to teach you that. You just have to show up and pay attention.”

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