Lifelong Learning should include business English

According to a special feature in the January 14 issue of The Economist, companies and employees need to embrace continuous learning as a core skill to remain competitive in a 21st century economy increasingly characterized by the blend of human and machine intelligence. Attaining competency in Business English is critical to this goal on several levels.

Retirees infuriated by decision to shut lifelong learning

It was announced in early December that the Villages Lifelong Learning College would be shut down as the result of an Americans Disabilities Act lawsuit filed by a group of Villagers. The announcement set off a firestorm of criticism and complaints by the thousands of Villagers who have taken advantage of the college through the years.

It was the No. 4 story of 2016 in The Villages.The man at the center of the storm, pleaded for understanding from his fellow Villagers. Read more about his plea HERE

The VHA pleaded with the Villages District Office to step in and save the Lifelong Learning College, which has already called off the spring session. You can read more about the VHA’s plea HERE 

How lifelong learning drives San Antonio leader

When Mike Santoro was young, his family instilled in him a love of reading and writing. This background led him to the field of communications, and today, he is the president of Walker Sands, a PR and digital marketing firm.

Today, learning and communication are two of Santoro’s core values as a leader. At Walker Sands, he says, everyone shares a mentality of learning, supporting and doing.

 In the video, find out how the best advice Santoro ever received relates to lifelong learning, and hear his number-one tip for budding entrepreneurs.

Iceland reports Increased participation in lifelong learning

In 2015, there was a great increase in lifelong learning, when 27.5% of the population aged 25-64 took part, either in school or with an instructor, 45,700 persons. This is an increase of 3,600 persons and 1.9 percentage points from 2014. The share of the population aged 25-64 taking part in lifelong learning increased somewhat since 2003. In 2003, 22.2% of the population took part in lifelong learning but the proportion was greatest in 2006 when it was 27.6%. The participation in lifelong learning in 2015 is again approaching the level of 2006.

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