Norway focuses on learning for low-skilled adults

In 2015 the Norway Ministry of Education and Research in cooperation with the Ministry of Children, Equality and Social Inclusion and the Ministry of Labour and Social affairs presented a white paper on lifelong learning and exclusion focusing on low-skilled adults. The aim of the white paper was to develop a coordinated and whole of government approach to policies for adults with low education, poor foundation skills and immigrants struggling to have their skills recognised.

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Do-It-Yourself Lifelong Learning

Fully 60% of all residents at Splendid–an all-inclusive community in Tucson for those 55 and better–participate in Splendido Intellectual Pursuits Program (SIPP), the 11-year-old program is entirely planned and maintained by a committee of volunteers.

In addition to many classes and lectures offered by the community, they have set up their own internal “college,” in which any resident can attend a variety of high-level classes led by experts.

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British official: Replace apprenticeships with lifelong learning

Calling the traditional apprenticeship “out of date,” Former Labour schools minister Lord Knight has called for the education system to be redesigned around a culture of lifelong learning.

“Our education system is still stuck in thinking from 70 years ago. This is reflected in our lifelong learning culture that is a long way from where it needs to be to meet the needs of individuals, society and our economy.”

He remarked that today’s generation “need to be able to change careers several times, as technology deskills and reskills their profession. As a consequence, a culture of lifelong learning is vital.”

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Graduation speakers stress need for lifelong learning

“To stay on top of change and to reap all the opportunities that are coming our way, what matters most is our willingness to unlearn old routines, pick up new skills, and strive for excellence in whatever we do.”

Three graduates speaking at Singapore Polytechnic ceremonies all stressed the need for continued learning to get ahead in the world.

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Kroger leads with new education benefit

PRNewsFoto/The Kroger Co.

The Kroger Company, the grocery giant with nearly half a million associates who serve nine million customers daily at 2,800 retail stores, has used the recent tax cuts to create a new, industry-leading continuous learning and education benefit.

“I am especially excited to introduce Feed Your Future, Kroger’s new, industry-leading continuous learning and education benefit,” said Rodney McMullen, Kroger’s chairman and CEO. “Many of our associates can attest to the life-changing power of education, and I’m proud to be one of them. Feed Your Future will support both full- and part- time associates, wherever they are on their personal education journey, whether they are pursuing GEDs, MBAs or professional certifications. In this way, we’re offering more than a one-time award – we’re offering an investment in our associates’ future.”

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