How tech is transforming industry

According to a 2018 World Economic Forum report, emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning are transforming business models and job profiles.

This means required job skills will have shifted significantly by 2022; 54% of all employees will need re-skilling and upskilling.

Black expert to lead community education

Community Education is more than basket weaving.

Cherina Betters has been named chief of Equity and Access for San Bernardino County Schools. In her new position, she will represent 33 school districts and more than 400,000 students.

Her new duties will include, “working to forge strong relationships with parents and community members, as well as serving as the equity lead to promote positive learning outcomes for all students,” according to the San Bernardino County School Superintendent’s office.

Microlearning in the digital age

“With the rise of technology, combined with the explosive growth of social media over the last decade, the concept of personalized mobile learning through bite-sized learning snippets has come to the fore. In addition, in the context of major global challenges such as globalization, digitalization and demographic change, and learning for all, there is an urgent need for a variety of learning opportunities and pathways for lifelong and life-wide learning. The concept of microlearning has been around since about 2000, but what is it and how to make learning in bite-sized form successful, attractive and effective, as it to be just right for me and learning in education, training, achievement and talent development contexts. Micro-learning offers opportunities to incorporate, integrate and personalize cost-effective and meaningful learning and training solutions for each individual in terms of personal, environmental and organizational performance improvement. During this webinar with invited experts in this field there will be opportunities to learn more about the growing field of micro-learning / bite-sized learning snippets and quality for life-ong learning.”

A panel and discussion:

Why lifelong learning is the international passport to success

“The university model needs to evolve. Universities must realise that learning in your 20s won’t be enough. If technological diffusion and implementation develop faster, workers will have to constantly refresh their skills.”

This idea takes on new urgency in light of the closure of conventional classes due to the health scare. Lifelong learning steps up to play a role in how and how long we learn.

How Lifelong Learning Can Help Leaders Stay Relevant

Forbes says that continuing education and lifelong learning have been essential to keep pace and stay attuned to the demands of today’s disruptive business climate. Lifelong learning!

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